How to Build a Floor to Ceiling Room Divider


A sizable open-plan perhaps a small business or space may take advantage of a ground-to-roof space divider to produce tag or solitude places for individual capabilities within an house. Develop whenever you transfer a “custom” device that migrates or choose to layer another portion of the area off. Pre fab bookshelves along with a layer pole that is durable are you have to include perhaps a research or an immediate room to your house.

Placement two wood bookcases within the area for that room divider alongside one another. Gauge the length in the the surface of the cases — you need to use if you like the divider to achieve the roof bookcases which are nearly ceiling level.

Purchase top molding to operate the leading fringe of the bookcases round. Make use of the length from the bookshelves’ top towards the roof to look for the molding’s dimension. Possess the measures of molding slice on to suit two attributes of the instances and the leading, back once they are side-by- . Ask the corners to be mitered by them — therefore it matches easily in the edges slice the timber on an angle.

Secure the bookcases as well as smooth steel braces about the back where both models fulfill. Placement the braces about onethird along and onethird up from base and the top of the bookcases and mess them in position. the tapestry will hides later the braces.

Connect, wherever it’s mitered installing it together nicely within the edges. Run a-line of wood stick across the molding’s bottom. Nail the molding across the leading fringe of both sides and the bookcases. Permit the glue.


Color or spot the “wall” that is bookcase and complete it having a layer of lacquer. It’s actually once the ultimate lacquer layer is dried, mess a pretty curtain rod utilizing a carpenter’s degree to ensure. Hang enough to protect both braces in the curtain pole. At this point you possess a space divider that’s wall artwork about the different and a collection on a single aspect.