How to Build Shower Pan on Slab Floor


Creating a shower stall is just an easy procedure. Simply don’t allow the concrete piece trick you into convinced that that you don’t have to waterproof since you do the bath pot. Water will be absorbed by cement and you’ll do not know what it’s affecting and where it moves. Follow these industry exercise actions that are best and you’ll maintain form that is excellent.

Develop your control in the shower stall’s accessibility. As demonstrated within the picture create your control out-of 2x4is. Nevertheless, the very first item, that will be attached in to the cement with 2 INCH/2″ masonry screws, should be pressure because it is relaxing straight from the slab treated timber. You nail them together 1 by 1 and can stack normal doug fir 2x4is along with the pressure-treated item. You shouldn’t require greater than a bunch of four items to obtain the peak you’ll need for that control.

Deploy support of the shower stall round the base. Within the above picture 2×6 pieces fixed between the men round the whole border of the shower pan will be seen by you. Usually, I opt for 2x10is to make sure I’ve the support to permit the membrane to increase 91/2″ as much as the wall.

Mount the pre-pitch. Pre-pitch is needed to be able to permit water gathered about the bath membrane to strain in to one’s bath drain assembly’s leak slots. Remember, mortar and hardwood aren’t waterproof. Utilizing real mixture, produce a 1/4″ towards the bath drain per base pitch.

Based on nearby building rule, you should use hot-MOP or a plastic sheet membrane with tar. You’ll need to use a coating of roofing document first after which deploy the plastic membrane if you are using a page membrane. The roofing document offers support between the plastic membrane and also the cement, that will be crucial.


As support for mortar deploy diamond-mesh around your control. Diamond-mesh is likely to be employed for the control just. Since it is moldable it’s utilized and certainly will maintain type. This can permit you to staple just one encounter of the control; the medial side facing the exterior of the shower stall. The encounter that is interior is likely to be kept in position from the bath floor mortar bed.

Execute a 24 water test. Load the pan and utilizing red or orange chalk, mark the waterline in several places. You’ll not understand if it escapes until the water drops below the chalk outlines because you are on the concrete piece. Permit the check to operate for another twenty four hours after which the difference in water-level versus chalk outlines is going to be apparent if you were to think you visit a minor distinction.

Mount backer panel that is real towards the surfaces. Be sure just before adding the backer panel to protect your membrane. Usually, Durock is used by me also it works perfectly. Significantly, choice plastic plastic sheeting just before backer panel towards the wall men deploy. It’s the only path to ensure one’s wall studs’ long run ethics behind the bathtub surfaces.